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This is my Fest 2015!

this is my fest 2015

La Plebe plays Sunday 9/13
@ 924 Gilman St, Berkeley!!

Next Show / El Próximo Evento:

la plebe aug 22 flyer



from the merch girl:


I would just like to thank all the terrific La Plebe fans who donated to Iolani Azul’s benefit at El Rio on May 30th 2015. A big thank you to the generous people who donated the great items for the raffle and the hard working people who sold all the raffle tickets. A special thank you to the bands Love Songs and Bang Data who donated their time and great music that helped make the fund raiser a huge success. Through the generosity of all you wonderful people Mark T. and JoAnna will be able to enroll Iolani Azul in her therapy classes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Iolani’s grandmother Rose
La Plebe merch girl



Next Show! / El Próximo Evento!

After a brief 2 month break, “Del Corazón Nights” returns to the DNA Lounge for a 2 stage, 5 band barn burner, featuring both local and touring acts, that will surely rock yer socks off… Please mark your calendars, and join us for another excellent night of music, drink, and good cheer…

Después de un breve momento de reposo, regresamos con la próxima instalación de “Del Corazón Nights”, con 5 grupos de música punk y 2 escenarios para pachangear sin parar… Los invitamos a que por favor nos acompañen esa noche, y disfruten de la música en vivo!!!


7.24.15 - DNA Lounge

Music player:

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